Do more than what is required. The difference between meeting the needs of the customer and meeting the needs of the customer ‘better than anyone’ is  “the extra mile” that we create!
A religious place and weather permitting area for our guests and buyers to performYagya, a special and eternal ritual.
The Yagya-Shala is an elevated 18’ by 18’ granite platform with a capacity of almost 50 people, surrounded by a pretty paved patio and green lawn, outlined with flowering plants and shrubs. The entire area can accommodate seating for up to 250 guests around the platform.Yagyashala built here can be use for religious purposes. we aim at reviving our traditional values.Our Yagya Shala has been designed according to Vedic guidelines and houses the Havan Kund (fire pit).The landscaping and layout is conducive for the performance of havans, marriages and other auspicious ceremonies.
The purpose of our lives is to be happy.
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